Faculty and Staff


Pastor Fr. Rodolfo Contreras


Trevor Knable Trevor Knable


Hello, and welcome to St. Rose Catholic School where I have worked as a teacher and administrator for the past twenty one years. I believe that all students have the right to be educated in a safe and secure environment where they are exposed to stimulating content that is optimal for growth in maturity, academics, and physical, social, and spiritual attributes which will allow them to be a well rounded individual that is able to be a successful and contributing member of society. I feel that students should be provided access to reaching their fullest potential via individual and collaborative activities where an educator acts as a guide and facilitator while providing access to information while not being the sole source of content. Much of my philosophy of education has been guided by my former educators in school who really reached out to the students and shared their love of education with them. My educational passion is in History and Social Studies and getting to know each student on an individual basis.

Jeannine Visbal Jeannine Visbal

Vice Principal, 6-8 Social Studies

Jeannine Visbal

Vice Principal, 6-8 Social Studies

Hello, welcome to Saint Rose! This will be my eleventh year in education, eight of which have been in Catholic schools. As a product of Catholic education myself, I know that the community created within Catholic schools helps to foster students who have the confidence and compassion to change the world. In my classroom, students actively participate in their education through hands-on activities and project-based learning. Students also prepare for their futures with opportunities that develop their skills in collaboration, communication and critical thinking. My goal is that no matter what their futures may be, students leave Saint Rose knowing they are leaders in their community and that they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Lori Chamberlain Lori Chamberlain

Pre-K Director

Hello, Welcome to Preschool! I have had the distinct honor of working with preschool aged children for almost 30 years! I am a Preschool Teacher, what is your SuperPower? I love to learn, I learn everyday from my little ones, and marvel in seeing the world through a child’s eyes. I will let them be little, fill their hearts with laughter, help them grow wings, nurture their sense of wonder, inspire them to believe, provide a consistent environment with flexibility, have FUN, and love them like there is NO tomorrow! Partnering with parents, community, faith, love, understanding, and forgiveness are the words that I live by at home and at school. St. Rose is an amazing place to build a second family!

Zoila Cortez Zoila Cortez

Pre-K Aide

My best memory of preschool was storytime, I remember my teacher Mrs. Wilder reading us stories with so much animation and excitement. I believe that preschool is a place where children can come to learn, grow, explore and express themselves. We will learn zoo-phonics, numbers, colors and shapes. In our class we enjoy being active, music and movement is a great way for children to express themselves while being active and having fun. It is exciting to watch them grow and bloom throughout the school year. I enjoy getting to know my students and their families and creating a bond through faith and the school community.

Rose Ernst Rose Ernst

Pre-K Aide

I am thrilled to just be starting my teaching journey at Saint Rose! I think of myself as a creative person and I look for ways to bring creativity and joy into Preschool every day. I love seeing the moment when children discover something inside themselves or about the world around them that truly inspires them. This school has welcomed me like family, bringing me blessings every day, and I am thankful to show God’s love and care to these children each and every day.

Donna Felgenhauer Maria Maciel

Pre-K Extended Care

Hello, I am Maria Maciel. I am delighted and blessed to be a part of the St. Rose staff. I have been a substitute for SLOCOE since 2006 and a substitute for St.Rose since 2014. Currently, I am attending Cuesta College and taking courses in Child Development. I love working with children. Seeing the children’s personalities and watching them grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally brings me great joy. My goal is to ensure that parents feel comfortable knowing that their children are in good hands.

Elementary Teachers

Audrey Roza Audrey Roza


Hi there! My name is Audrey Roza and I am the Kindergarten teacher here at Saint Rose Catholic School. As far back as I can remember, teaching has been what I have always wanted to do. I get such joy from education and the sweet toothless smiles that greet me each day! I believe that children are our future, and as teachers it is our job to provide the necessary tools to strengthen their skills and create an educational path towards success, while having fun and making learning an adventure. Throughout my teaching career I have been lucky to teach in both the general and special education settings. As an educator, I know that each child has their own individual way of learning and it is very important for me to find the most effective way to meet their needs.

In our classroom we love to learn in many ways – from using our SmartBoard or class iPads to engage in hands on learning with the use of technology, to the classic reading, writing, and arithmetic, to getting messy by using our creativity through arts/crafts and fun projects; all while growing in our faith! I believe that parents are also primary educators and I look forward to walking beside you in your child’s educational journey. Kindergarten in a very important year where your child will be introduced to concepts that they will continue to build upon for the rest of their academic years. Stop by and join in on all the Kindergarten fun!

1st Grade Alicia Clipperton

1st Grade

Hello! My name is Alicia Clipperton, and I am excited to be teaching First Grade at Saint Rose Catholic School.I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential from CA. State University Chico. I taught First Grade for two years in Southern Kern School District before my family moved to SLO County. The last two years, I have been a Substitute for Saint Rose School, and have been part of this community for the previous five years as a parent. I live in Atascadero with my husband and three children. We have a Shetland pony, bunny, and dog that roam our two acres. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family enjoying the outdoors. We like to camp in our trailer and be by any body of water. I love to be active by swimming and going to the gym. I truly feel blessed to be part of Saint Rose Catholic School and especially know that I get to be part of the wonderful staff. I am excited to be teaching first grade because the children are learning so many life skills at this age. They are not only learning how to read but also social skills that they will use throughout their successful lives. My classroom is a safe and loving environment that will be sure to encourage your student to love to learn, and I believe that each child is a gift from God. I'm honored to be teaching your child at Saint Rose Catholic School!

Meagan Castro Meagan Castro

2nd Grade

I am a Saint Rose Alumna. My family has been involved in the St. Rose community as a student, parent, and/or employee since 1971! I attended two local colleges, Cuesta and Cal Poly and graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Liberal Studies. I attended the Teacher Credential Program at St. Mary's College in Moraga, California and also completed a Reading Specialist Program through St. Mary's summer program. I am proud and blessed to be a part of this faith and school community.

Elainea Moreno Elainea Moreno

3rd & 4th Grade

Hello, and welcome to Third & Fourth Grade! This is such a fun and exciting year. I like to create a nurturing and welcoming environment for my students to learn and grow. In Third grade we read many novels and we publish our own class book. We learn how to multiply and divide in Math. We also work in cooperative small learning groups. In Science we enjoy learning through hands on experiments. We also learn about our Solar System. I am blessed to be a part of the Saint Rose family.

Hannah Heitzig Hannah Heitzig

5th Grade

In 2005, I was lucky to have the best fifth grade teacher I could have imagined. Thanks to her inspiration, I worked hard from Cape Town, South Africa to the dazzling Central Coast to become a fifth grade teacher myself. Today my classroom runs on creativity, joy, and opportunities for exciting, and sometimes beautifully messy, hands on learning. In fifth grade, I strive to let kids be kids, while still pursuing rigor and academic challenges that will best prepare these students for middle school. If you happen to open our classroom door at any given moment, you might find yourself surrounded by a cardboard arcade engineered by students, or hear the voices of twenty children rapping their states and capitals. You may find students designing digital three dimensional blueprints of colonies, or find lifesize representations of the human skeletal system. I believe that “learning” is not restricted to desks, worksheets, pencils, and textbooks. Learning truly happens when there is a spark of wonder and magic, that moment when a child is so absorbed in their learning that learning becomes pleasure rather than a chore. I strive for my students to look back on fifth grade with the same sense of appreciation and love that I have for my own fifth grade experience. Come in for a visit and see the magic of fifth grade!

Elementary Teaching Assistants

Monica LePiane Monica LePiane

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Aide, Extended Care Director

Monica LePiane

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Aide, Extended Care Director

I am proud to say I am beginning my 25th year at St Rose School. I began as a parent in 1989 and never left. Watching the children grow and learn each day is a blessing. Each student is unique and amazing in their own special way. My days are filled with hugs,laughter,love and the most amazing smiles!

Silvia Swensson Silvia Swensson

Elementary Aide

I am Silvia Swensson and I have worked as a Librarian and an Instructional Assistant at St. Rose for 22 years, minus a few years in between to be at home with my youngest son. With so much time spent here, and having my three sons graduate from here, it feels more like a home than a job. I have enjoyed working with many students, and now some of THEIR children! It is a blessing to be able to work with each unique child, to help them understand certain concepts, to help form their religious and moral attitudes, to share faith openly, and also to learn from each student. I am grateful to the staff and parents that make this such a generous, loving, and caring community. I am very thankful to be a part of St. Rose School.

Middle School Teachers

Jill MacLeod Jill MacLeod

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade English/Language Arts/Literature

Jill MacLeod

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade English/Language Arts/Literature

Greetings and welcome to Saint Rose Catholic School. I am blessed to be the 6th grade Literature and 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Literature teacher for the past four years. I am fortunate to teach at the same school that my daughter attends and am grateful for the loving, supportive community of this school. I have thirteen years of teaching experience stemming from Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina, and California and hold a Master’s degree in English Curriculum and Instruction. I have taught sixth grade through graduate level courses in English, Education, and Women’s Studies. I am currently at the comprehensive exam stage for my doctorate degree in Women’s Spirituality. I am proud to be a parent and educator at Saint Rose Catholic School.

Jeannine Visbal Jeannine Visbal

6th - 8th Social Studies, Leadership Director

Jeannine Visbal

6th - 8th Social Studies, Leadership Director

Hello, welcome to Saint Rose! This will be my eleventh year in education, eight of which have been in Catholic schools. As a product of Catholic education myself, I know that the community created within Catholic schools helps to foster students who have the confidence and compassion to change the world. In my classroom, students actively participate in their education through hands-on activities and project-based learning. Students also prepare for their futures with opportunities that develop their skills in collaboration, communication and critical thinking. My goal is that no matter what their futures may be, students leave Saint Rose knowing they are leaders in their community and that they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Catherine Sclimenti Catherine Sclimenti

6-8th grade Math, Technology Elective

Hello, everyone, I’m Catherine, the math and technology teacher here at St. Rose. The welcoming community, devoted staff, and the kind, hard-working students at this school make it a wonderful place to be. Teaching here reminds me of my happy elementary school years: small, tight-knit classes, plaid skirts (so my friends and I had something about which to commiserate), supportive nuns and lay teachers who educated the whole child, and friendships that would last a lifetime. I also remember math being a tough subject which required my full effort, so that is where I help now. I strive to lead my students beyond just memorizing facts and onto a level of comfort with the way numbers work together, along with study skills, perseverance, and a growth mindset to help them go as far as they desire in their future math studies. Coupled with technology, either integrated into math or just for its own sake in our technology elective, my goal is to help enable students to remember their time here with fondness and have the mental, spiritual, and academic confidence to succeed in the next phase of their schooling.

6-8 Science Julie Glunz

6-8 Science

Hello! My name is Julie Glunz. I am the middle school science teacher at St. Rose. I am proud and blessed to be a part of the same school that my three sons attend. I am a transplant from Illinois, which is where I first began teaching at the same Catholic school that I attended as a child. I have my Masters in Education and have taught for 13 years in both the parochial and public school setting. I am beyond excited to return to my roots of Catholic education. I love incorporating my faith into teaching and belonging to a community of students, parents, and staff that share similar values, morals and appreciation of the Catholic faith. As an educator, my goal is to design science lessons that are relevant to my students and provide an opportunity for students of all learning styles to experience success, curiosity, and a life-long love of science. I look forward to an engaging and challenging science curriculum this year and the opportunity for the students to apply 21st Century skills using their digital techbooks.

Shannon Uribe Shannon Uribe

6-8 Grade Religion, Campus Ministry

Shannon Uribe

6-8 Grade Religion, Campus Ministry

Hello, I am Shannon Uribe the campus minister and middle school religion teacher here at St. Rose School. As an alumni, parent, and educator of Catholic schools, I believe deeply in Catholic education and passing on the faith. I received my bachelors from Cal State Long Beach and went on to study at Loyola Marymount University, Cal State Teach, and San Diego State. I have been blessed to teach kindergarten, second grade, fourth grade, and high school theology courses. Additionally, I have a background in youth ministry. I enjoy educating children and sharing faith with them, but assisting parents as primary educators of the faith is my greatest joy. In my time away from school, I enjoy participating in the parish and exploring the beautiful Central Coast with my husband and our three boys. Saint Rose Parish and School are an important part of why I love this area of California.

John Warren John Warren

Kindergarten - 3rd Music

James Bachman James Bachman

4th - 8th Grade Band Program

Hello and welcome to Saint Rose Band and music program. I have been the band teacher at Saint Rose for the last 3 years, and I have enjoyed getting to know all the great young musicians. I’m also a private music teacher based in San Luis Obispo county. I hold a Bachelors of Music degree in music education from California Polytechnic University. I have studied conducting and arranging under Thomas Davies, and Krista Riggs, I’m also a professional musician and have played in a variety of ensembles on the Central Coast, including the San Luis Obispo Symphony, Opera San Luis Obispo, Symphony of the Vines, PCPA (Pacific Conservatory Theatre). I am the founding member of Bachman’s Music Studio, a north county based multi-instrumental teaching facility, and has taught at The Fine Arts in Atascadero, Santa Margarita elementary school, and I’m currently teaching music at Cal Poly.

Diane Demeter Diane Demeter

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Art

I have taught art at St Rose since 2010, I was also a St Rose parent, my son graduated in 2017 (I can’t believe he is in high school already, it seems like it was yesterday that he started 1st grade at St. Rose). I am originally from Los Angeles and I had taught art for over 14 years at my own art school in Agoura Hills, teaching children and adults. I was also a freelance illustrator and have a BFA from Art Center College of Design. I teach all grades from pre K to 8th grade. I cover drawing basics, color theory, sculpture and printmaking, in middle school I cover these topics in depth and we also do a claymation project. I also love learning from my students, they come up with ideas that I never thought of before. Their enthusiasm for art and learning new things inspires me as a teacher.

Artie Cooper Artie Cooper

K-8 Physical Education, Boys Basketball Coach, Athletic Director

Artie Cooper

K-8 Physical Education, Boys Basketball Coach, Athletic Director

I have the unique pleasure to teach every student here at St. Rose School in physical education. Not only do I get to see the growth in our students’ skills and knowledge of physical fitness, but I also have an incredible opportunity to follow students’ spiritual and social growth for their entire education. Impacting students’ lives, creating relationships, and developing character through physical education is a major part of my philosophy in teaching. Although physical education is used to create healthy lifelong habits, I also integrate the use of technology, self reflection and support other subject areas. Physical education is a place for students to get stronger physically, mentally and spiritually!


Michelle Machado Michelle Machado

Front Office Receptionist

My name is Michelle Machado-Rendon, and I am the Administrative Assistant here at Saint Rose. When I was younger, I always admired my elementary school secretary. She was so nice and made you feel welcomed as soon as you walked in. I hope to embody that here in the office. I have two beautiful children who attend Saint Rose, and I am a lector at the 8:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday mornings for our Parish. I believe in a Catholic education and am extremely excited to be a part of what Saint Rose contributes to your family as well as the community.

Maria Navarro Maria Navarro

School Bookkeeper and Human Resources

Maria Navarro

School Bookkeeper and Human Resources

Hello and Welcome to SRS! I am the bookkeeper and HR, amongst other duties and it is a great pleasure working at a school where I can share my faith as a Catholic parishioner for 35 years. I love children and learn from them when they express their Love for God, this to me is priceless! I admire the parents for their continued sacrifice and commitment to help our school. God Bless Saint Rose Catholic School!

Juan Garayar Juan Garayar

Facility Maintenance